•  Below you will find a variety of different style paintings, they are all custom styles for what was requested by the client.  When painting for myself I like to paint with a pallet knife and a more inpressionistic stlye. I also have no problem painting with great detail as well. Enjoy

    Art By Kristi

    This is a painting from a picture that was taken in South Africa.     24in x 36in canvas

    This is a painting of a sunset in the Bahama's.  It was a combination of two pictures that the client liked best.

    This is a custom painting for a client that wanted the streets of New Orleans, LA.

    This is an abstract painting of flowers, and my signature painting. 

    A custom flower painting.  12in x 24in canvas

    Painting of The Southern Most Point in Key West, FL.   This painting is taken from a personal photo.

    Lemon flower painting that was a gift to a friend.      18in x 24in canvas

    Canvas and walls aren't the only thing that can be painted on.  This was done on fabric and made into a pillow.

    Painting of Key West  Lighthouse taken from a photo.    18in x 24in canvas

    Another New Orleans painting to go with the first. 

    This painting is four 5ft x 8ft canvases together.  It was used for advertisement of classes in a church.

    This is one painting in a series large painting in a series of three.  The paintings are black and white acrylic.  There are five 5ft x 8ft canvases put together to make one larger painting.

    Second painting in the series of three.  Also five 5ft x 8ft canvases together to make on larger painting.

    The last in the series of three.  Again five 5ft x 8 ft canvases together to make a larger black and white painting.

    Painting in acrylic for a buisness to advertise there logo.  Painting size is 3ft x 5 ft

    Painting of an old tuck for a boy's room.  Canvas size 16 x 20

    Keepsake painting with design, full name, birth date and measurements.    Canvas size 11 x 14

    Monagramed painting for boy's room.  Canvas size 16 x 20

    A series of three paintings 10in x 10in in acrylic to match baby bedding.

    Do you think that this is real or a painting??

    Canvas size is 18 x 24in and the colors and the flowers in this painting from the baby bedding in the room.

    This painting of Tuscan landscape is 24 x 36in.  It was put in a cherry finished frame.

    Personalized painting for a Wedding gift. The canvas is 18 x 24 in and it is done in acrylic paint.

    Three 9 x 12 canvas painted from the designed sketches of a 10yr girl for her room.

    Personalized painting for a boy's bedroom that include a few of his favorite things.  The colors match the room & bedding. 

     This canvas is 3ft x 4 ft done in acrylic. The painting is from pictures of the client's honeymoon in Italy.

     This canvas is 18in x 24in in acrylic.  It is a baby shower gift and the theme matches the nursery for a keepsake.

    This is a 18in x 24in canvas in acrylic.  It is an a custom painting from a picture and was auctioned off in a fund raiser for a non profit organization.

     This canvas is 18in X 24in in acrylic.  This is a custom painting for a client.

     This canvas is 18in x24inin acrylic. It is a custom painting for a client.

     This canvas is 18in x 24in in acrylic.  It is a custom painting for a buisness.

     This canvas is 24in x 36in in acrylic.  It is a custom painting for a buisness.

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