•  Below you will find many different examples of types of mural I have done over the years.  They vary from small details in a room to large wall. Enjoy

    Art By Kristi


    This is the begning of the mural at Bradens Furniture.

    The finished mural of the french store fronts at Braden's Furniture in downtown Knoxville, TN.

    Painted french store fronts in a furniture store.

    Second mural I did early in college for a church.

    A close up  photo of the Ark and a few animals.

    Just some detail  from a larger mural.

    This mural is in a nursery, a Whinnie the Pooh theme.  The ceiling is also painted light blue with clouds.

    Additonal mural in the Whinnie the Pooh themed nursery.

    Before, in the begning of a stone wall mural in a bathroom.

    After picture of the bathroom with the stone wall, one of four walls in the room painted.

    Second of the four walls in the bathroom that were painted to look like stone walls.

    This simple design came from my client's china.  It was in the dinning room in every corner,and above the arched doorway leading into the formal sitting room.

    This is a section of a mural painted in a hallway of a clients house.

    West High Rebels had this added to the wall in the cafateria.

    This is a custom bakery on the wall of a kitchen.

    A cowboy painted on a nursery wall to match the border.

    This client wanted a "Thunderc.hief" on a boy's bedroom wall

    This is the finished product in a boy's nursery.  This is a mural that can grow with the boy.

    Hand painted kitchen back splash to look like stone or tiles.

    Nursery with John Lennon characters on the wall.

    Also in the John Lennon themed room.

    The client requested a  trees in the  playroom with birds, and owl to match girls chairs.

    This is the smaller tree in  the playroom, again with the birds.

    Mural of writting and  painting in between  of a girl's nursery.  The writting is some nursery rhymes.

    The writting contiues on all walls of the room.  Here we start with " There was an old lady who lived in a shoe"

    This is painted on one side of a window dormer.

    This goes along with Mary's garden.

    Here we have " Mary Mary quite contrary , how does your garden grow?"

    We have a close up of Little Bo  Peep's sheep.

    After Mary's garden we have "Little Bo Peep haws lost her sheep" 

    Behind the door we have a lizzard on a fallen tree.

    This is a boy's room with many things in it.  First we have a Monkey in a tree to go above his bed.

    Second there is a  tiger resting in the shade of this boy's jungle themed room.

    More jungle greenery and a red frog.

    Last there is more jungle greenery and a tropical bird on a vine.

    Finished  Red Sea Coral and verse from the bible around fish tank.

    Close up of the character GIll in the movie Finding Nemo.  He is on a growth chart.

    This is a growth chart it starts at 2ft and ends at 6ft.  It has some coral on it to go with the underwater  theme.  The growth chart is marked every inch and number in inches and feet.

    First part of the finished mural with a painted chalk/magnet boardin the middle.  This wall is 20 ft 8 in  and is done in acrylic wall paint.

    Part 2 of the mural with Finding Nemo charaters.

    Last picture of the underwater mural with Finding Nemo charaters. Again the wall is 20ft 8in long and 8 ft high. 

    Flowers painted as accents by the name come from the baby bedding.

    This is opposite the wall of the crib and has flowes from the bedding on either side of a shelf.

    This is the grouping of flowers on the other side of the shelf.

     Little Girls room mural with flowers & faries that continue on 3 of the 4 bedroom walls.

     The forest has a water color look to it except for the main tree with the faries.

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