• I am looking forward to adding many pictures & stories of oppertunties that i've had to work with others to make a difference in our community.  Here are some pictures below to start:: 

    Giving back

     There are more pictures of the entire process on www.facebook.com/knoxredshield under Community Garden photos.

      This 75ft long mural was donated to The Salvation Army.  

     Yvonne & everyone else at The Salvation Army were wonderful to work with.  It was great to see her vision come to life!!

     This is a set that was painted with a "Comic book" style in mind.  I was in charge of many volunteers that helped paint .

     There was lots of details on this set. From working with the construction crews to get everything to look right. To the many volunteers that helped to paint this realistic Guatamula jungle.

     Another set with all kinds of hidden spy equipment for the high tech adventure of the "Genesis Flies". Once again many wonderful Volunteers made it happen even with starting 2 weeks behind.

     A 1st behind the scenes set picture here on Art by Kristi. Lots of painted bricks, stone, stain glass window & city sky line.

     The Restoration House of Knoxville has a new logo for the site of units to be built for single moms. The sign is repurposed barn wood with the Logo painted on. 

    Had the oppertunity to help finish a mural at The Extreme Makeover Home Edition house in Knoxville. The Large tree behind the door is what I finished working on.  

     Here is more of the little girls room I helped work in on The Extreme Makeover Home Edition  house in Knoxville. 

     Set for 2013 with a museum theme.

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