•    This is the website for Art By Kristi based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. 


            My name is Kristi Lynch and I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for most of my life. I have a wonderful family with two young boys and enjoy my time with them and my husband. I have been interested in art as long as I can remember and started at a young age.  I took as many art classes as possible in middle school and  high school.  In college I focused on Studio Art, but also explored drafting and interior design. I painted my first mural in 1995. That was the start of my mural buisness and it continues today. God has blessed me with this ability and I wish to use it to bless others!

      I enjoy creating on walls or canvas what the customer envisions, weither it is residential or commercial. All of my mural work is done in latex interior wall paint.   My work can vary from very detailed to  more abstract.  It just depends what style is needed for the job. My canvas painting are all done in acrylic paint.  The bold bright colors show when I paint with the acrylic, it also has a quick drying time. The paintings I have in the photo gallery are all one of a kind work,  there are no duplicates or prints.  I work off of pictures I have taken and places I have been.  I also take requests, or pictures from clients and create one of a kind paintings for them as well. 


    Thank you for taking the time to view my art work!

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